The Doctors Company Online Company Store Authorized Users

To place an order, locate the authorized user in your region. If your department is not listed, contact the Marketing department to place an order.


Napa Headquarters

Gov’t Relations
Jaci Runge (707) 226-0214

Kellee McKeig (707) 226-0192

Patient Safety
Stephanie Vandergriff (707) 226-0315

BusDev-Agency Support
Johana Moreno (707) 226-0415

Human Resources
Nina Schlatter (707) 226-0129

Kathleen Brock (707) 226-0740


Regional Office Contacts

Northwest Region
Alicia Sonne (971) 223-6322
Lake Oswego, OR

Rose Martinez (512) 275-1837
Austin, TX

Pat Schor (800) 243-3503 x6350
Denver, CO

Southeast Region
Liz Lopez (904) 360-3052

Southwest Region
Janice Hutchins (310 )492-4836
Century City, CA

Northeast Region
Mary Strolle (517) 351-1150 x5780
East Lansing, MI

Angie Summers (614) 221-7777 x5115
Columbus, OH


Agency Support

Agent Orders

All agent orders will be managed by agency support to ensure availability and tracking of co-op funds. Non-chairman and non-key agent orders will also be handled by the agency support department. Once an order is submitted, it is reviewed and then approved by agency support to ensure availability and tracking of co-op funds.

Chairman Circle and Key Agents have assigned company store accounts and may place orders. If you are an agent without a store account and would like to place an order, please call the Agent Support Hotline at (800) 421-2368, extension 1204.

Agency Support Contacts:

Johana Moreno
(800) 421-2368, extension 1415