Welcome to the Doctors Company online store

The Doctors Company carries a variety of popular and proven promotional items to assist you in your sales efforts. Merchandise has been carefully selected for its appeal, and all items are branded with The Doctors Company logo.

All Chairman's Circle and Key Agents have accounts that allow them to place orders on The Doctors Company online store. Our Agency Support team reviews and approves these orders to ensure correct tracking of inventory and co-op funds.

If you don't have an account, you can place an order by contacting Agency Support at (800) 421-2368, extension 1415, or

Internal Orders

If you're an employee of The Doctors Company, you can place an order with the authorized users in your region. List of authorized users by region. For questions about store merchandise, contact Stephanie Briggs (extension 1136) or you may send an email to: sbriggs@thedoctors.com.

User Guide

Please refer to the online store user guide for detailed instructions For questions about placing an order or any issues with your shopping cart, please contact the company store customer support at: sbriggs@thedoctors.com.